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About Base War

Welcome to Base War!

Base War is a new browser strategy game. It's a real time Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO), which means you get to play against other players! The game has a war/military theme and is text based.

Gather resources by upgrading your gold mine, metal mine, and fuel pump. Or build troops to attack other players to steal their resources! You can use resources to build different buildings, troops, and defences. You can also perform researches to gain additional perks such as extra fire power or armor for your troops and defence.

It's possible to build multiple bases to gather even more resources. You can transport resources between your bases or deploy troops from one base to another.

Learn more on how Base War works on the Guide page.

Base War is continuously being improved. Bugs are being fixed as soon as they come to attention and new functionality arrives on a regular basis. We also like to hear the ideas of the community about new functionalities, you can submit your ideas on the Support page.

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